TeraTrends provides advisory services for transportation mobility, renewable energy and real estate projects to ensure that the built environment is equipped to benefit from the oncoming future of urban mobility. Its consulting services include technology trend analysis, transportation mobility adoption projections, financial analysis, financing, development, acquisition and asset management to optimize a project’s viability and advance the implementation of autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles in the built environment. 

real estate

Financial Analysis | Financing | Development | Acquisition & Disposition | Asset Management

renewable energy planning & implementation

Electric Car Charging Station | Solar PV | Battery Storage

trend analysis

Adoption Projections | Autonomous Connected Electric Shared Vehicles | Solar & Battery Storage

TRANSPORTATIOn mobility planning & implementation

5G Cellular | Shared Vehicle Service | Parking Optimization | Van Pools & Shuttles | Freeway Utilization 

renewable energy planning & implementation

Electric Vehicle Charging | Solar Photovoltaics | Battery Storage

real estate planning & implementation

Financial Analysis | Financing | Development | Acquisition & Disposition | Asset Management


TeraTrends was born out of a combination of passion and expertise. Our team has over six decades of combined experience in commercial real estate and urban development with special focus on forecasting how to make the multiple components of a development project work most efficiently and cost effectively. Our skill set - and passion - is predicting the future, making intelligent decisions about what the world is most likely to look like 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now so that we can make the best choices today to set up the future.

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Prior to founding PemReal 30 years ago, Doug Pemerl was a partner in a mortgage banking firm, financing numerous large scale commercial real estate projects. He has combined his mortgage banking experience with an extensive knowledge of all project elements to provide an in-depth financial overview during the planning, development and construction phases as well as the lease-up/ramp-up period after opening, leading to obtaining construction and permanent loan financing. 



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Brian Dougherty’s career has focused on commercial investment real estate as well as military-executive-level healthcare logistics, planning and operations. His commercial real estate experience has included feasibility studies, development, leasing and asset management for office, medical-dental, multi-family, hotels and industrial. His military experience has included planning trauma medical environments, medical center logistics and operations.