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TeraTrends Future provides advisory and development services for transportation mobility, renewable energy and real estate projects. Our main function is to utilize the combination of our expertise in the development of commercial real estate projects with our in-depth knowledge of emerging technology trends to design and bring to life projects that integrate next-wave mobility technology.


Our goal is to ensure that the built environment is equipped to benefit from the oncoming future of urban mobility. For decades, large and rapidly growing urban areas have been choked by mobility failures. The way that we currently commute to work and move goods and passengers through urban areas is so outdated and inefficient that at a societal level we are wasting immense amounts of time, money, and gasoline just for people to sit in traffic. The average time commuters spend sitting on roadways, the amount of gasoline they burn, and the amount of carbon dioxide they emit have all been steadily rising for generations. The technology exists today to finally reverse these trends and create urban transit that can empower a region, instead of choking it with extraordinary time, fuel, financial and environmental costs. The solutions just haven’t been combined and deployed at scale yet. 

TeraTrends Future serves as a strategic lens for how to bring emerging technology, next-level infrastructure, and commercial urban development together in a way that works, both from an efficiency and feasibility prospective. By utilizing cutting-edge technology instead of relying on decades-old solutions, and by taking advantage of all space available in the urban environment as opposed to just surface-grade roads, we aim to work with our clients and partners to create a shining example of what’s possible in terms of moving people and goods around urban areas. With the right approach, urban mobility can be fully congestion-free, environmentally friendly, accessible to all, and hyper-optimized for efficiency within the next decade. If you want to work with us to create a congestion-free future, please reach out via our contact page.

real estate

Financial Analysis | Financing | Development | Acquisition & Disposition | Asset Management

renewable energy planning & implementation

Electric Car Charging Station | Solar PV | Battery Storage

trend analysis

Adoption Projections | Autonomous Connected Electric Shared Vehicles | Solar & Battery Storage

TRANSPORTATIOn mobility planning & implementation

5G Cellular | Shared Vehicle Service | Parking Optimization | Van Pools & Shuttles | Freeway Utilization 

renewable energy planning & implementation

Electric Vehicle Charging | Solar Photovoltaics | Battery Storage

real estate planning & implementation

Financial Analysis | Financing | Development | Acquisition & Disposition | Asset Management

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