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TeraTrends refers to a combination of technological and transportation trends, ranging across several industries, that are all due for massive growth over the course of the next few years. The dramatic growth that will be seen across each of these trends will have major impacts on the urban world. We believe it is crucial to understand the trends that will shape our future in order to build the most effective and efficient urban development projects today.

To learn more about the trends and how they impact urban development projects, please see the TeraTrends 2019 Brief

What are the TeraTrends?

Tera is the shorthand for 10 to the power of 12, or one trillion. TeraTrends is the exploration of a series of exponentially accelerating technological trends that will begin to converge in the 2020s. These trends will lead to advances in autonomous and electric vehicles, urban mobility, solar PV and battery storage, along with the technology required to support all of those industries. The convergence of all of these advances  will lead to the reshaping of American cities  and create widespread social benefits and unparalleled economic prosperity. 
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